Lodetor Pond - Natura 2000
Lodetor Pond - Natura 2000

Lodetor Pond - Natura 2000

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A pleasant walk through the forest will lead you to discover the Lodetor pond, a protected area with incredible biodiversity!
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Not only sport, but also nature and science! At the Lodetor pond you can enjoy discovering all the protected species that reside in this place full of magic.
The Lodetor pond is a must-see destination for visitors to Torgnon. It is located at an altitude of 1,920 metres, in the Chavacour valley, and is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. Because of its uniqueness, Lodetor is included among the Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) of the Natura 2000 Network, a European ecological network created with the aim of safeguarding and conserving natural habitats and the animal and plant species that inhabit them.


Chaté is a small hamlet perched on two hairpin bends, with a magnificent view and very charming little houses. Once back up the hamlet, you enter an obvious farm road that winds its way over the meadows above. In a short time, you reach Petit Chatelard and immediately afterwards the chapel of the Madonna degli Alpini. From here, continue on an uphill path to Châtelard. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire valley, immersed in a bucolic environment. Continue on a piney farm track in a northerly direction, following the signs for the pond. Continue on this pleasant walk through the forest for about 3/4 km until you reach the Chavancour valley where the pond is located. The protected area Natura 2000 can be visited thanks to a circuit of marked trails that can be walked in about 1 hour.

More information on the Natura 2000 protected area
Departure : Chaté
Arrival : Lodetor
3 points of interest

Above Châté

One never tires of this bucolic view and atmosphere!
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Petit Châtelrd

Between Châté and Châtelard, this little corner offers a beautiful view of Torgnon.
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Small patrimony

Madonna degli Alpini Church

Dedicated to San Grato, it already existed in the second half of the 17th century. It was rebuilt in 1719 by the parish priest Borine at the expense of the municipality.
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Altimetric profile

Access and parking

Leave your car in the convenient car park in the hamlet of Chaté, just above the centre of Torgnon.

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